How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?

How to Alleviate Braces Pain? – How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?

How to Alleviate Braces Pain? : Getting Braces for the first time, or just getting them tightened means a whole lot of nagging pain. The pain can be very dull and you will have to go on a soft diet for some time. But when you look at the brighter side of it, the pain is so much worth the outcome. My advice is, never be afraid of getting one. It normally depends on the condition of your teeth for how long you should be wearing them. For some it may take about 2 years and a half, and the rest might have to wear them for about 3 years or more. So what to expect when getting braces? Or what you should know about caring for the braces or retainers? We are here to share with you the tips on braces care and solutions for the pain they cause. We will also be sharing with you tricks on how to whiten teeth with braces.

braces pain relief
braces pain relief

How To Alleviate Braces Pain?

The pain will be present for the first time you get your braces or whenever you adjust it. Here are some solutions that you can try to relieve the pain.

1. Eat only soft foods

You can eat soft foods like porridge, mashed potato, baby foods, soups, scrambled eggs and yogurts. Your teeth can be extremely sensitive to touch. Hence avoid foods that require you to bite or chew. It will only make the pain worse.

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2. Over-the-counter painkillers

You can take Ibuprofen to relieve the pain. But however, Aspirin is not recommended as it can trigger bleeding.

3. Sip cold drinks

How does this help? Usually, cold things would numb your teeth. When your teeth is numb, you can’t feel the pain, at least until they warm up again. Sipping cold drink can do a lot of favors to subside the pain. You can have some ice cream too.

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4. Warm salt water

This is to ease the irritation triggered by the gums sore. Add in half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. Later use this to rinse your mouth several times per day. If it doesn’t work, you can try rinsing with cold water.

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5. Ice packs

You can wrap some ice cubes in a cloth. Later gently press this against your cheeks and jaw. This will help a bit to ease the pain. Do not apply ice cube directly onto your teeth though. It will worsen the pain.

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How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?

How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?
How To Whiten Teeth With Braces?

Many of you might experience discoloring of teeth which you think is due to the braces. But the truth here is, your teeth just lack of proper care. You need to pay more attention to them; brush them often, floss them and make sure to gargle each time after meal. But here are some tricks to whiten teeth with braces.

1. Use fluoride toothpaste that foams

This would get into all the places that brushes can’t. You can also see that fluoride toothpaste will make your teeth much whiter than those who use regular toothpaste. It would be even better if you use toothpaste that protects for longer hours. I would personally suggest you to use Colgate Total 12 Hours Protection.

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2. Chew on apples and strawberries

How many of you actually knew that these fruits are natural teeth bleaching agents? They work miracles on discolored teeth. But be sure to brush after eating strawberries especially, as they can strip away the enamel.

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3. Baking soda to the rescue

We all do know that baking soda probably bleaches almost everything. It works the same with teeth too. mix half a teaspoon of baking soda and salt in a cup of warm water. Use this to rinse your mouth. It will whiten your teeth naturally. And again, make sure to brush after that.

However, you are not encouraged to use whitening strips and gels. This may lead to uneven results as the gels won’t be able to reach the spots blocked by the brackets. And remember to wear retainers afterwards, they are important to hold your teeth in its new position. Retainers will prevent the teeth from going back to its old condition. But I have to remind you that retainers can be annoying just as much for the first few weeks. You will somehow get used to them afterward, just the way I did!

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Some Tips On Braces Care

1. Always keep your teeth and braces clean

Brushing at least twice a day would do more than good. Not only that, get yourself an inter-dental brush. It is used to brush in between the brackets and spaces your normal toothbrush cannot reach. Remember to floss often too. The reason you should keep the braces clean is to prevent white spot formation which are hard to remove.

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2. Eat a lot of fruits

Eating fruits with high Vitamin C content especially, will help build the strength of your gums. You can eat more strawberries and apples. They would keep your teeth all white and clean.

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3. When your dentist says no, it means no

Your dentist will usually give you a card or paper on what foods you can and cannot eat. Follow the list. Some foods like nuts, chips, sticky candies, gummy bears or taffies can be very tempting, but you must bear in mind that they are very bad for your braces. You can have them once in a while though.

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4. Don’t drink carbonated and sugary drinks

As we all are aware of, carbonated drinks can harm your enamel (the layer that protects the teeth from cavities). And for that reason, it is a bad idea to have coke or Pepsi when you have your braces on. This will lead to cavities and white spots, as well as yellowing of teeth. It is also said that the metal of your braces will react to carbonated drinks and give your mouth a strange feeling for some time.

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5. Care for the mouth sores

You are likely to develop mouth ulcers whenever you get your braces tightened. It is completely normal, don’t panic. Make sure to treat them with home remedies or ulcer gels. If the braces wire or the brackets are poking the ulcer, press a small portion of dental wax against the brackets.

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6. Patience

It is the ultimate tips of caring for your braces. The process for getting braces is long. It may take a few appointments until you get one. You really need to be patient. And when you get them adjusted, the pain can be very annoying. You also got to be very careful with the retainers. Hence, be very patient.

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Most importantly, have fun getting braces. You can accessorize them. Have different colors of bands put on. Think them as a jewelry and do not be shy to smile and be confident to wear a lipstick while adding a sheer of gloss to your lips. It will be a tough journey, but the outcome is surely worth it. If there are any other tips on braces care that you know, do share them with us.