Coffee Myths – Facts And Dehydration Myths

coffee myths We are pretty sure that you’ve heard of too many of it, especially on unfiltered coffee health risk and caffeine myths and facts. So, this time HNBT brings to you all about coffee myths and facts that we think you should know.


  1. It leads to osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become porous. Caffeine causes the calcium to leave the body. Fortunately, since many people drink coffee with milk, so the lost calcium is replaced.
  2. It checks depression:  A study from the Harvard School of Public Health, said in Archives of Internal Medicine that people who consume caffeinated coffee are 20% lower at risk of getting a depression. According to the studies, they drank up to six cups per day.
  3. It boosts fertility in men: John Wilcox, MD, FACOG, managing partner and also a reproductive endocrinologist at HRC Fertility at California said that caffeine has a positive effect on sperm’s ability to move towards an egg and which increases the chances of conceiving. Who would have ever thought?
  4. Coffee machine gives shelter to bacteria: The residual water and the humid part of the machine stimulates bacterial growth. Make sure you clean the internal parts of the machine regularly to prevent any bacteria from growing.
  5. It reduces the risk of skin cancer: Daily consumption of a minimum of three cups has said to lower the chances of skin cancer by 20% in women and 9% in men. And of course, it works along with the primary protection for skin, a sunscreen.
  6. It does not cause stomach pain: It can’t be blamed for causing ulcers worsening the pain related to ulcers. It is also not the reason for stomach aches related to indigestion. But bear in mind that coffee may worsen heartburn symptoms.
  7. Caffeine causes insomnia: Caffeine takes about half an hour to process in liver  and gets about 75% of it excreted from the body within 4-5 hours. But however, if you consume two to three cups on a daily basis then this shall not hamper your sleep.
  8. It does not have any health benefits: It improves concentration and sleep thereby curing insomnia. It contains antioxidants which improves heart conditions and keeps all types of cancer away.
  9. Caffeine is addictive: Study shows that caffeine doesn’t contain any substance that might cause addiction naturally.
  10. Caffeine cause miscarriage, infertility and low birth weight: Researchers haven’t found any direct links between coffee and miscarriage as well as any links with low birth weight of a child being born to a coffee drinker mother. Hence, this is ultimately false.
  11. It causes Parkinson’s disease: This disease affects a region of the brain causing tremor of the hands, abnormal gait, rigidity of legs and arms and also an altered mental function. Many often relate the worsening of this disease with coffee. This is purely myth cause there are no studies that have proven this condition. Instead, drinking the same has said to give you strength to fight against its symptoms.
  12. It causes high blood pressure: This is certainly untrue. Engaging oneself in any sort of activity like talking, laughing or sipping coffee is what that increases blood pressure. So we can’t blame it for that.
  13. It causes an increase in cholesterol level: Only the coffee brewed in Scandinavian boiled method only affects cholesterol levels. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with the cholesterol.

13 Facts about Coffee that you must know

  1. It is basically a fruit.
  2. It makes you physically more active.
  3. It makes you mentally alert.
  4. It can be used in beauty treatment.
  5. The only state in USA that grows it commercially is Hawaii.
  6. In Turkey, if a husband does not provide his wife with coffee it was grounds for divorce.
  7. Brazil occupies the first place for its production followed by Vietnam and Colombia.
  8. New York drinks around 7 times as much as rest of the world.
  9. It ranks second in the list of most traded commodity on earth.
  10. It is the second most popular beverage after water.
  11. Its beans are combustible and may replace fossil fuel.
  12. It was originally a food, not drink
  13. Coffee drinkers drinking 3-5 cups of it daily are less likely to develop Alzheimers or dementia.

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Coffee Dehydration Myth

There is a popular belief that It causes dehydration. A study by University of Birmingham contradicts it. A statement from researchers at the University of Birmingham in United Kingdom states, “coffee provides similar hydrating qualities to water.” The basis of their study was 50 men who consumed roughly three to six cups daily. The research was carried out in two different phases. Phase 1 : The men were made to drink coffee as the main source of water. Phase 2 : The men were made to drink water as the main source of water. Thus, Douglas Casa concluded that caffeine absolutely had no effects on hydration status.” A study author Sophie Killer, a doctoral researcher at Birmingham said “It’s well understood that if you drink coffee habitually you develop tolerance to the potential diuretic effects.” One study even confirmed that caffeine does not interfere with hydration level among athletes too. Summing this up, we can say that ‘coffee causing dehydration is just a myth’. All-in-all, it is not bad as it has some amazing health benefits too. But make sure not to over drink it. 3-5 cups daily is more than enough. If you think we have missed out any other coffee facts and myths, we warmly welcome you to share them with us.

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