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Amazing Facts About Water With Its Health & Beauty Benefits

benefits of drinking waterAs we all know, Water(H2O)is the most important element of earth and is undoubtedly essential for living and survival. This element is so important to our lives that without it, we can die of dehydration. But the problem with many of us is that since water can be found everywhere, we tend take it for granted. Many don’t take its benefits, importance and uses seriously. So this time, we at HNBT have decided to share with you some interesting facts about water and few amazing health and beauty benefits that can be obtained by drinking water.

10 Interesting Facts About Water That You Should Know

  1. The human brain is made up of 95% H20, blood is 82% and lungs is 92%.
  2. A drop of just 2% of the water content in your body can lead to dehydration.
  3. Dehydration causes short-term memory loss, trouble doing basic math and even difficulty reading smaller texts.
  4. A person can survive up to 38 days by drinking just water alone.
  5. A healthy person can drink up to 40 glasses per day which is almost equal to 3 gallons.
  6. Water from the underground is fresh, safe to drink and is healthier than the bottled.
  7. When a person feels thirsty, his H2O content in the body has dropped by 1%.
  8. The weight lost immediately after an intense physical activity is the weight from water, not fat.
  9. 80% of an infant’s weight is made up of H2O.
  10. The earth is made up of 70% H2O, as well as the body of a human.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

We bet that many of you are aware of some basic health facts about drinking water, but here is more of it that you should learn.

1. Flushes all the toxins out

It rids all the waste and toxins through sweat and urination which later reduces the risk of inhibiting kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

2. Relieves headaches and dizziness

Stop reaching for the pills, you really should. As we have mentioned in our earlier articles, H20 is the best medicine. Most headaches are a result of dehydration. Hence, drink more water to reduce headaches and dizziness.

3. Fights infections

Did you know that drinking water before bed clears your airways? This in return helps reduces possible infections that can trigger allergies and flu. We told you, hydration is the key to everything.

4 Assists better digestion

As we all know, It acts as a lubricant in digestion and many other processes that take place in our body. For example, saliva(water) helps in the breakdown of food when you chew, and later ensures that your food slides down easily in the esophagus.

5. Regulates body temperature

It also help in cooling your body down. The heat is released from your body through perspiration and evaporation.

6. Helps your heart

When your body gets dehydrated, your blood becomes thickened thereby forcing the heart to work harder so that the blood is well circulated. This condition can heighten your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks.

7. Supplies energy

Did you know that laziness is a sign that your body is lacking of water? Muscle fatigues and laziness can be improved by drinking more water.

8. Promotes weight loss

Drinking water to lose weight is also known as water diet plan. It keeps your stomach full, thus reducing your food intake. It also reduces hunger, increases your metabolism rate and makes you feel energetic.

Beauty Benefits Of Water

Now that you have learnt the heath reasons for drinking water, allow us to also explain to you the beauty benefits of it that you might have never known.

1. Improves skin complexion

Hydration is the key to beautiful and nourished skin. This will help rid any uneven tones and dry patches on your skin, making it soft and healthy.

2. Reduces wrinkles

When your skin is well hydrated, it becomes elastic. This will prevent and improve the formation of wrinkles on your skin.

3. Clear eyes

Your eyes become whiter and clearer. This is the cheapest way to make your eyes sparkle naturally.

4. Get rid of dark circles

In most cases, dark circles are triggered by lack of H2O content in the body. Hence drink more water to get rid of those dark circles under eyes.

5. Nourished hair

Notice your hair dying out lately? Then you should probably increase your per day water intake. Research shows that hydration equals to healthy hair roots, and silkier hair.

6. Soft and pink lips

Dry and chapped lips are sure signs of dehydration. Your lips are likely to become darker when it lacks of moisture. So it is important that you provide your body with sufficient amount of water to keeps your lips soft and pink.

We have shared with you all about benefits of  drinking water that we know. Should there be any tips or query, drop them in the comment box below.