DIY Homemade Hacks to Get Rid of Static Cling from Your Clothes

How to Get Rid of Static Cling: Do your clothes often cling to your body? Or does your outfit’s fabric often get charged with some weird power when you remove it or pull it out of the dryer? This is most likely because of the generation of static electricity that occurs when your body and clothes rub against each other. The good news is that there are several natural ways to get rid of static cling so you can always comfortably wear your clothes. You can learn about the condition in detail here.

How to get rid of static cling
How to get rid of static cling

DIY Homemade Hacks to Get Rid of Static Cling from Your Clothes

Here are some effective home remedies to get rid of static cling:

1. Safety Pin

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent static cling is to stick a safety pin on your clothes’ inner hem. Safety pins are made of metal, so they discharge the static cling and work as a grounding device. This is a neat, affordable way to dispel any annoying static charge from your clothes. You can use this home remedy when you pop them into the dryer as well.

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2. Dry Clothes Outside

The best way to get rid of static cling is to let your clothes hang dry outside where there is air and sunlight. You should get a hanging rack or make a clothes line to dry your clothes outdoors. Hanging your clothes to dry keeps them from rubbing against each other and producing static electricity.

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3. Use Damp Towels

Clothes produce static charge when they rub against each other in the dryer. A great way to prevent this from happening is to place a damp cloth or towel inside the dryer every time you dry your clothes. Also, make sure that you dry at the lowest heat setting as it will help in lowering the chances of producing static electricity.

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4. Wash and Dry Synthetic Clothes Separately

Fabrics such as polyester and nylon are the main culprits of static electricity. This is why washing and drying them separately from other types of fabric is important, because they will not be able to charge up any other garment which will help you avoid a static charge.

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5. Use Soap Nuts

This is one of the most natural ways to get rid of static cling. Simply place a few soap nut berries in a muslin cloth and throw it into your washing machine when you are washing clothes. Soap nut berries are rich in a natural surfactant, known as saponins. Additionally, when soap nuts are used when washing clothes, the static charge gets absorbed, making clothes charge-free as a result of the anti-static properties.

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6. Use a Metal Hanger

If your clothes have static charge, slip them through a metal hanger. This is another simple home remedy for getting rid of this annoying problem. The trick is not to allow your clothes to rub against each other because this will ensure they are unable to produce any static electricity. Another little thing you can do to prevent static charge is to run the wire hanger over the dress or outfit before wearing.

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7. Use a Humidifier

People use humidifiers to increase the humidity in different areas. Apparently, you can also make use of a humidifier to prevent static cling from generating in a dry environment. It will help in dampening the environment and thus, keep your clothes from clinging to each other.

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8. Use Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are great when you need to get rid of static cling. They absorb the moisture from any clothes you have in the dryer and maintain a more humid environment. Static electricity gets diminished as a result of this. To make sure that your clothes are separated from each other and free of static charge, all you need to do is toss in a few wool dryer balls into your machine when you wash your clothes.

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9. Use Hair Spray

If you usually use hair spray to set your hair, here is an added bonus for you- apart from having great-looking hair all day, you can also use the hair spray in getting rid of static cling problems. Alternatively, you may use a hair conditioner which contains ingredients that prevent static. You can also find sprays that can help in reducing static cling in stores. These anti-static sprays are humidity-enhancing, or hygroscopic, which in turn neutralizes electrical charges.

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10. Rub Moisturizing Lotion

Another effective way to avoid static cling is to rub some moisturizing lotion over your arms and legs before you wear clothes made of nylon or any synthetic clothing. The moisturizer helps in moistening the surface of your skin and hence prevents clothes from sticking to your skin.

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11. Use Homemade Fabric Softener

Did you know that vinegar makes a great fabric softener? It also helps in reducing static charge when you wash your clothes in it. Simply add a dash of vinegar during the rinse cycle of laundry. If you are worried about the smell of vinegar, which is pretty strong- worry not, you will not get a hint of it once the clothes are completely dry. Another way to make use of vinegar to get rid of static cling is to spray a bit of it on a washcloth and place it in the dryer along with your other clothes. This will do a great job in reducing static electricity. You can also use baking soda as a fabric softener.

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Static cling is a problem that everyone faces at one point or another and can be truly annoying. However, the good thing about this problem is that you can use safe and natural ways to eliminate it. You do not need expensive or chemical-filled products to get rid of static cling from clothing. All it takes is a few cheap and clever tricks when you do your laundry. So the next time you experience static cling, refrain from tearing up your clothes and just follow the home remedies mentioned above and you will never be bothered by it again.

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