How to Last longer in Bed Naturally? – List of Yoga Poses and Food Items

We have always brought to you natural methods to overcome a wide range of body ailments. In this post, we bring to you a number of yoga poses and a list of food items that will help you last longer in bed. Hope you find them useful!

How to Last longer in Bed Naturally
How to Last longer in Bed Naturally

10 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Last Longer in Bed Natuarlly


Straddle Pose
Straddle Pose

1. Straddle Pose

How to do: In order to do the Straddle Pose, sit comfortably on the ground. Stretch both your legs to the front. Keep them apart for utmost 120 degree . It might hurt, especially if you are a beginner, so spread them as much as you can. Place both your hands on the floor. Keep your arms in contact with the floor till your elbows. Slowly bring down your head. Try touching the floor with your head. This pose will help you open up the groin. For women, this pose helps in stimulating the ovaries.

Other benefits: Apart from making you last longer in bed, this pose is very effective isnstretching the thighs. It also helps in calming the brain and strengthening the spine.

Child Pose
Child Pose

2. Child Pose

How to do: In order to do this pose, sit on the floor or mat in Vajrasan(i.e. fold your legs and sit in such a way that your ankle touches your buttocks). Slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your palms. Try touching the ground with your nose to attain perfection in this pose. This pose helps you in attaining a better sex life and help you last longer in bed.

Other benefits: This is also an excellent exercise for the knees. It gets rid of stress and anxiety, calms the body and mind, and lengthens and stretches the spine. It helps relieve neck and lower body pain too.

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Shoulder stand
Shoulder stand

3. Shoulder stand

How to do: Lift your body slowly. Start pushing your legs up. When you have successfully raised the torso region, place both your hands on your waist to give a support. Try to keep the posture as straight as possible. You might not attain the perfect shoulder stand but keep trying and you will achieve excellence. Remember to bring your legs down slowly and not with a jerk.

Other benefits: Apart from making you last longer in bed, this pose helps you in getting a glowing skin. It also helps in digestion, strengthens the immune system and is an excellent remedy for common cold.

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Bridge Pose to last longer in bed
Bridge Pose to last longer in bed

4. Bridge Pose

How to do: In order to do this, lie down on the floor or a mat. Place your hands by your side in a position where the palm touches the ground. Slowly raise your lower body upwards (body from the hips region). Hold the pose for a while.

Other benefits: Not only does it help you last longer in bed, but it also stretches the chest, neck and pine. It stimulates the abdominal organs, relieves sore legs, helps in digestion, relieves menstrual discomfort and symptoms of menopause.

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lotus pose
lotus pose

5. Lotus Pose

How to do : To do Lotus Pose, sit on a firm ground. Fold one leg and place it on the other thigh. Repeat it with the other foot. Place your hands on your knees and in Yog Mudra (The thumb touches the index finger and the other three fingers are kept straight).

Other benefits :Not only does it help you last longer in bed, but it also increases concentration and memory power, cures insomnia and combats anger, stress, depression and anxiety.

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Plough Pose
Plough Pose

6. Plough Pose

How to do : To do Plough pose, lie on the floor. Slowly raise both your legs and touch the ground behind your head. Hold the pose. You may hold your back as a support.

Other benefits: Apart from making you last longer in bed, Plough pose calms the brain and cures insomnia, infertility, backache, headache, sinus, relieves symptoms of menopause, etc.

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Downward dog pose
Downward dog pose

7. Downward Dog Pose

How to do : In order to do this pose, lie on your stomach on the floor or yoga mat. Slowly lift your body on all four’s and bring your hands and feet close to each other to get the Mountain-like structure. Hold the pose for a while.

Other benefits :Besides helping you last longer in bed, this pose helps increase bone density and relieves tiredness. This pose stretches the body and helps get rid of stiffness and pain and also increases blood circulation.

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Bow Pose
Bow Pose

8. Bow Pose

How to do : Lie on your stomach on the floor. Arc your hands backwards and hold the feet. Try pulling yourself backwards. By doing this you can feel the stretch in your arms, stomach and legs. It also helps in loss of belly and abdomen fat apart from warding off stress.

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Cobra Pose
Cobra Pose

9. Cobra Pose

How to do : Lie on the floor on your stomach. Place your hands beside your shoulder. Push yourself up and look towards the sky as shown in the figure. You can feel the stretch in your stomach region. When your torso stretches then the blood flow increases, contributing to sexual stamina.

Other benefits :It improves flexibility of back, tones abdomens, tones up neck and shoulders, improves blood circulation and rids fatigue and stress.

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Seated forward bend Pose
Seated forward bend Pose

10. Seated forward bend

How to do : This pose is slightly difficult a pose for people who have a big belly. But with a little bit of dedication and daily practice, they can surely do it! Sit on the floor and stretch your legs to the front. Hold both of your toes with either your hand and try touching your knees with your nose. When you do the pose, you can feel an immense pressure on your belly region. Don’t be afraid, the pain ceases with time.

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13 Daily Foods that Helps You Last Longer in Bed

1. Eggs

What does not help you last longer is tension and stress and egg is one such food which contains Vitamin B that can help you to get rid of those. Having eggs before coitus will reduce your tension and stress. Besides, eggs are also a rich source of zinc, a nutrient necessary for both the genders to have a wonderful sex life.

2. Fish

Citric acid in the body expands the blood vessels and increases blood flow which in turn helps you last longer in bed. And arginine is one element that is present in certain kinds of fishes which contributes to the generation of citric acids. Do include fish in your diet for an amazing sex life.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another source of arginine. How arginine helps is by clearing clogged blood vessels which might potentially lead to erectile dysfunction. Plus, arginine is claimed to contribute to a healthy reproductive system overall. What’s more is that oatmeal reduces cholesterol level, maintaining healthy arteries and veins thus also reducing chances of stroke and heart problems.

4. Pepper

Pepper contain capsaicin. This ingredient helps in arousal as well as to boost your libido. Not only does it get you into the mood naturally, but pepper will also help you last longer than your usual time in bed. As an alternative to pepper, you can also try out anything hot like tabasco hot sauce, which should offer you the similar results.

5. Carrots

Carrots have been known to be a superfood for an excellent eyesight, thanks to its high content of Vitamin A. But little did you know that the same vitamin is essential to help you last longer in bed too. Beta carotene present in carrots are actually food for sperm production as well as sperm motility.

6. Red Wine

Red Wine is responsible for the release of dopamine in the brain, the element you need to boost a specific emotion i.e. desire. Besides, it will also help you boost your libido for a satisfying sex.

7. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are always a plus point in our diet, even when it comes to sexual stamina. Spinach is another rich source of argenine which improves erection. A nice spinach salad at dinner won’t harm much now.

8. Honey

Sugar, in any form brings energy to your body, allowing you to carry out your physical activity without getting tired too soon. However, looking at the harms it can equally cause, honey makes a safer alternative. It provides your body with required amount of sugar along with some good fat. To increase sexual stamina naturally, don’t hesitate to resort to honey. You could still opt for sugar, but make sure to take it in moderation.

9. Banana

Similar to sugar, banana is another food that boosts your energy almost instantly when eaten. If you have noticed, tennis players eat bananas just before match to get an extra rush of energy. It releases glucose, hence increases the sugar levels of your body. They also contain libido enhancing enzymes for men which will spice up sex life.

10. Strawberry

Maintaining a healthy level of testosterone is crucial to last longer in bed. One important mineral to help with that is zinc, and one food that adds zinc to the body is strawberries. Have a strawberry (or two) just before hitting the bed to have a wonderful time at bed as well as a pleasant breath.

11. Dark Chocolate

Stress is a harmful element that always finds way into our lives, no matter how much we try to avoid it. It is also a direct cause that prevents you from lasting longer in bed or getting you into the mood. Eating dark chocolate has been associated with significant improvement in stress level and in lifting mood, specifically for women.

12. Nuts

Nitric oxide is what that usually helps in sustaining a boner for a longer time. For this, Amino acid L-Argenine are essential as they are the building blocks of Nitric oxide. Hence, make sure to slip a couple of amino acid rich foods, such as nuts (peanuts, walnuts, etc.) in your man’s meal on daily basis.

13. Watermelon

Watermelon contains 92% water, making it a great food for summer as well as to help improve blood circulation to the erectile tissues present in male and female genitals. That does not mean we are suggest you to have one whole watermelon. Just have a slice to enjoy the amazing taste as well as activate your erectile tissues.

10 Food Items that Restrain You to Last Longer in Bed

1. Soy

If you are a soy lover, this is sort of a bad news for you. They have the potential to bring down the testosterone level in your body, which in turns affects your libido. To be on the safe side, avoid having soy before intercourse. Also, don’t overdo soy on other days as well.

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2. Gum

Chewing gum might be a very effective way of refreshing mouth. However, it is a big no-no for people who suffer from gastric issues. This is because chewing gums makes you gulp more air than you naturally would, which is eliminated by the body either in the form of burp or flatulence. Either of this happens, and it is sure to kill the game altogether.

3. Canned Food

Canned foods are said to contain high amount of sodium, which can make you gassy and bloated and hence kills your mood to have sex. So, avoid canned food as much as you can, and even if you are to consume them, make sure to wash them very thoroughly before consumption.

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4. Tonic Water

Tonic waters are usually flavored with the help of quinine. Quinine might be the medicine for malaria, but unfortunately not for your libido. Give your tonic bottle a rest if you want to last longer in bed.

5. Artificial Sweetener

Sweeteners do give you a temporary boost, but it is very harmful in the long run when it concerns sexual energy. It is best that you avoid sugar in any form before you hit the bed. Instead, opt for a banana for an energy boost.

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6. Sodas & Colas

Sodas and colas are pretty much underrated for all the harm they can do to our health and body. In fact, it is claimed to be as bad as smoking. If you did not know, the fizz in soda comes from carbon dioxide, which can make you gassy. Whereas the high content of artificial sweetener in these beverages will only give you a reverse effect and make you lazy. Together, they kill your sex drive and prevent you from lasting longer in bed.

7. Mint

Indeed, chewing mint freshens your breath, and contributes to several other oral benefits. But frequent consumption of mint reduces testosterone levels, which in turn reduces libido. Similar to gums, chewing mint will make you gulp excess air and feel gassy. As an alternative, wash your mouth with plain water and use a mouth wash to keep away from smelly breath.

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8. Alcohol/Wine

As we mentioned earlier, wine might help you set the mood. But excessive consumption of wine will make you loose control over yourself as well as your body. Research shows that people who were in complete senses were able to keep their boner for a longer period of time and hence last longer in bed. So if you want to spice things up in bed, keep your wine consumption moderate.

9. Coffee

Coffee is a power house of caffeine to the body. If you did not know, coffee reduces testosterone in the blood. Try to avoid it before sex to last longer in bed as well as enjoy the after sex effects. Coffee is generally a morning beverage, and makes you lively and active  but having it just before sex won’t relax you.

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10. French Fries

French fries might help you get a burst of energy initially but in the long run it will kill your enthusiasm even before hitting the bed. It reduces the testosterone level in your body and blood circulation in your blood vessels. It also causes terrible bloating. All these factors will definitely affect your mood and not let you last longer in bed.

We mentioned a list of simple yoga poses whose daily practice will help you with your sexual drive and energy. As for the food lists, we included the ones we commonly have on a routine basis in this list, just to keep you aware of what helps (and what doesn’t) if you want to last longer in bed.

If you have any home remedy or any hack which helps you last longer in bed, let us know in the comments below.