How to lose belly fat

9 Foolproof Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Breaking a Sweat

How to lose belly fat?: Have you always dreamt of having an hourglass figure like your favorite model or actor? For many, this remains a dream hard to fulfill or achieve. While you can manage to shed a few pounds, losing belly fat can be an ordeal. Belly fat not only affects your looks, but it also paves way for serious ailments in the long run. If you are saddened by the accumulation of fat around the waistline and find it hard to get rid of it- fret no more! You do not have to starve yourself and adhere to a specific diet plan or hit the gym with a vengeance to get a slim and well-toned figure. There are several other tried and tested ways to lose those ugly layers of flab off your belly without having to spend a lot of money. Yes, you heard it right, you can lose belly fat by making some minor alterations in your meals and lifestyle and flaunt a slim body!

How to lose belly fat
How to lose belly fat

Listed below are some effective ways to get rid of belly fat:

9 Foolproof Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Breaking a Sweat

1. Stay away from sugar-laden foods and drinks

Planning to get rid of the tires around your belly? The first thing you must do is to cut down on the amount of sugar consumed through foods and beverages. This includes the sugar used in brewing your cup of tea, coffee and other beverages as well as those heaps of sugar used in making foods. Eating refined sugar can be detrimental as your body gets an overload of excess fat and most of it is stored around the waistline. So you have to be careful to ensure that the excess sugar does not make it to your platter. Apart from using less sugar in making foods and drinks, be watchful about consuming sugar through sauces, condiments, etc. It would be a good idea to stop drinking OTC fruit juices and sports drinks too. These beverages are loaded with sugars and are the perfect recipe to get fatter! Resort to making fruit juice at home without using much sugar if you wish to lose belly fat fast.

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2. Eat more lean protein

Studies have shown that increasing your intake of protein will do you wonders if you want to reduce belly fat. Eating protein helps reduce hunger cravings and enhance metabolism in your body. However, it is also important that you eat foods that are chock-full of protein but low in fat. Lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs and legumes are must-adds to your daily diet if you are trying to reduce belly fat. Eating suitable protein supplement can be helpful too.

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3. Control carbohydrate intake

To lose belly fat, you have to control the amount of carbohydrates in your meals. Yes, it is as simple as that. In fact, it has been corroborated by finding of several studies. However, that does not mean you chuck the carbs altogether from your diet. What you must do is cut down the intake of refined carbs, which is used in foods like white bread and doughnuts, etc. Eating whole grains and seeds can be ideal in this regard.

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3. Consume fiber laden food

To get rid of belly fat, eating fiber-enriched foods is necessary, opine diet experts and doctors. Eating fiber-rich food can keep you full for longer and reduce hunger pangs substantially. Besides, consuming these foods can also aid in digestion and eventually metabolism is boosted. You can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals and breakfast as well to boost fiber intake.

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4. Workout is a must

This is nothing new and almost every diet plan works the best only if you combine exercise with it. However, there is no fixed way to work out and you are free choose the method that suits your need, budget, and lifestyle. While a section of people with belly fat hit the gyms on a regular basis- that may not be possible for all. If you do not have the time to drive up to a gym, you may invest in simple gym equipment and workout at home! If you can’t- there are other ways too. Set aside at least 45 minutes a day to swim, run or walk. These exercises can boost calorie burning to a huge extent. Aerobics is also a fun way to lose belly fat.

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5. Tackle hunger pangs cleverly

Sometimes, you put on excess weight and find it hard to reduce belly fat because you simply cannot stop binge eating. This can be caused by sudden hunger pangs. To cope with such hunger craving, act smart. Carry fruits like apple or orange when you go out. Whenever you feel hungry, gorge on the fruit instead of ordering a fat-laden and enticing looking pizza or burger at a fast food outlet. Nuts and digestive biscuits are also great low-calorie snacks that can tackle a nasty hunger pang.

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6. Go on a fast

Fasting does have some health benefits which one of is weight reduction. However, if you plan on fasting, ensure to consult your doctor before you do so. Fasting once a week or twice can help you keep weight in check.

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7. Bust the stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems people face today. Whether it is caused by career or personal life, persistent stress can make you gain weight. There is a scientific reason for this. When you remain stressed out, the body generates stress hormones. This has an adverse impact on the digestive system and metabolism. Cortisol generation shoots up which can add to belly fat eventually. So, you have to find out ways to bust stress. This can be done by indulging in activities that make you feel good and relaxed. Listen to some music, set out on a trek, or simply cozy up with a book – just do not succumb to the urge to reach out to comfort food!

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8. Choose good fats and discard unhealthy fats

Contrary to what many may think – consuming fat is healthy. However, you need to ensure that you consume only healthy fats and discard the unhealthy type. Include oily fish, avocados, and nuts in your daily diet. Cut down on eating processed and fast foods that contain trans-fat. Switch to using olive oil and coconut oil in cooking, to help lose belly fat! Trust us, it does work.

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9. Limit salt intake-

This is something most people with belly fat are possibly unaware of! If you want to shed fat from the waistline, limiting sodium intake is quintessential. Sodium intake in excess leads to water retention- eventually leading to bloating.

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Things to remember

When resorting to measures to lose belly fat a few things have to be kept in mind. When making changes to your diet, you should ensure to exclude foods that you are allergic to. Gluten and lactose intolerance are issues you have to be careful about. Do not start popping any weight loss supplement without consulting doctors for best results.