13 Remedies Made of Kitchen Ingredients to Get Rid of Scalp Sores

How to get rid of scalp sores?: Scalp sores can be rather unbearable, they are itchy and unsightly and take forever to go away. What’s even worse is that scratching will only make matters go downhill, and also increase the chances of it leading to an infection.

Though scalp sores generally tend to clear up on their own; when they do not, over the counter treatments should do the trick. Hence, if you are suffering from itchy scalp sores, do not run yourself into a panic. Scalp sores can be easily treated and is not a serious infection or illness. But of course, if they stick around for a little longer than you’d expected, go see your doctor. And, if you prefer going au-natural, we have brought together a list of home remedies that can help you get rid of scalp sores in no time at all. We have also taken the liberty of not including some of the more obvious pearls of wisdom, such as maintaining personal hygiene and such. The primal goal is to provide you with the names of remedies you never knew existed.

So, with no further ado, here is a list of home remedies for scalp sores.

How to get rid of scalp sores
How to get rid of scalp sores

13 Remedies Made of Kitchen Ingredients to Get Rid of Scalp Sores

1. Witch Hazel

This naturally found astringent does wonders on an itchy scalp. Oftentimes, blow-drying and coloring of hair can lead to a dry scalp. Here is where just a few drops of witch hazel, mixed with some water can work miracles. Use your fingertips to massage in some witch hazel oil and let it stay on for half an hour. Wash your hair right after and you will notice your scalp looking and feeling much better.

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2. Jojoba oil

The reason why this beauty is miraculous requires a tiny chemistry lesson. As it turns out, the molecular structure of the natural oils that are present in our scalp is very similar to that of jojoba oil. Hence, it works great in getting rid of dryness and nourishing your scalp. The best time to apply it is during the nights, after which it can be washed off with lukewarm water in the morning. Try doing this at least once a week to experience great results.

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3.  Flaxseed

This is an old remedy known to alleviate soreness in general. Flaxseed can be put to use to get rid of scalp sores. It helps do away with not just itchiness but also inflammation. Other similar remedies that can also help in treating scalp sores are salmon or primrose oil, which have moisturizing properties, and thereby promote healthy looking (and feeling) skin, whilst providing the right amount of nourishment to the scalp.

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4. Peanut Oil

What even is that? Peanut oil works surprisingly well in kissing goodbye to itchy and sore scalps. What works even better is adding just a smidge of lemon juice and creating a mixture of the two. Apply this on your scalp and wash it off with lukewarm water after leaving it on for a good 10 minutes. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner, preferably herbal after a peanut oil treatment.

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5. Kelp

These are large seaweeds or algae that grow underwater, now gaining immense popularity. Kelp is chock full of micronutrients and is generally used to garnish salads. It is rich in iodine and has many medicinal properties. In this case, however, it helps in promoting hair growth and works miraculously in combating itchy and sore scalps. Walk into your local pharmacy and buy yourself some vitamin C and kelp tablets. When taken together, they not just help get rid of scalp sores but also reduce hair thinning in no time at all.

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6. Thyme

Who ever knew that a hair rinse using thyme is all you need to get rid of itchy scalp? Yes, you heard it right. Thyme is all you need to treat scalp sores. It is safe to use, works wonders, and also moisturizes your tresses. Boil some dry thyme in a pot of water and strain it before using it to rinse your hair right before shampooing your hair. The results? Fabulous. Try it to, believe it!

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7. Selenium

Selenium has anti-oxidizing properties that can help greatly in taking out the dryness factor of your scalp. If you have tried a Nizoral shampoo in vain, it is time to try out a shampoo that has selenium in it. An OTC shampoo that contains pyridine, zinc, and selenium can help get rid of dandruff, and yeast growth and help cure scalp scabs.

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8. Celery water

You’ve got to be kidding me! Who would have ever thought that celery was any good for your scalp? You’d be surprised at just how good of a hair tonic you can put together with some celery stalk and leaves, boiled with water. Ensure that the water is boiling before adding the celery though. Let it cool down before you apply it to your hair. Do this a couple of times in a week and be stunted by the results.

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9. Beetroot

The roots of beetroot are also a great remedy: ensure that it is boiled and cooled. Extract the juice and apply it on your scalp at night before you hit the sack. To see the best of results, make sure to apply this mixture on a daily basis.

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10. Chamomile tea

Ever heard of a chamomile tea rinse? This is a remedy, you must try if you have persistent scalp scabs. Chamomile possesses soothing properties that does wonders on a dry, flaky scalp. It also has medicinal anti-inflammatory properties that are well documented. Soon after you shampoo and condition your hair, use chamomile as a rinse-off. This will not only get rid of scalp sores, but also improve scalp and hair health.

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11. Lemon juice and honey

This is a renowned remedy for just about anything – a cold, acne, or even dry skin: honey and lemon both have amazing healing capabilities. Warm water with honey and a pinch of lemon on an empty stomach can keep your gut clean and improve your general well-being. But that is not all, this same tonic can also be used to treat scalp sores effectively. However, avoid applying lemon directly onto any broken skin (or even an itchy scalp) as it has astringent properties that might sting. Honey, needless to say, has many soothing properties and can help calm an angry, itchy scalp upon application. Make a concoction of the two and apply to your scalp to get rid of scalp sores and improve hair health.

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12. Olive oil

Yes, a combination of honey with olive oil is also a potent mixture that acts as a great conditioner for flaky and dry scalps. Add half a cup of honey to a quarter cup of olive oil: mix this well to render a homogenous paste. Apply this on your scalp generously and leave it on for about half an hour. Like other oil treatments, ensure to wrap a towel and then wash it off with warm water.

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13. Broccoli Puree

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. This remedy is not only all-natural but surprisingly easy. Broccoli can be pureed (and even mixed with a swish of olive oil) to render a paste. This can then be applied to your scalp directly and rinsed after 30 minutes. See the results for yourself.


These remedies are all you need to treat an itchy scalp and get rid of scalp sores. They are inexpensive and work like a charm. Try them today!

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